Location: UN building; Sarajevo, BiH
Date/time: October 21st, 2013; 15:00-16:30
Number of participants: 8
Main topics of the Meeting:

  • Progress on activities achieved since the Second Project Steering Committee Meeting;
  • Presentation of content for the NBSAP document and the Fifth National Report;
  • Presentation of national targets for the NBSAP document proposed by the Expert Group;
  • Experiences and conclusions from the SecondWestern Balkans Capacity Building Workshop on Indicators as part of NBSAP held in Kolašin, Montenegro (September 9th to 12th);
  • CHM (Clearing – House Mechanism)as a very important segment of the NBSAP Project which includes activities such as appointing the NFP (National Focal Point) for CHM, establishing a website with content and photos, design of logo, etc.;
  • Key goals of “Global Support for Ratification and the Entry into Force of the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing” in BiH;
  • Presentation of a new Project created in cooperation between UNDP and UNEP titled “Enhancing Systematic Conservation Management and Biodiversity Monitoring in BiH: Assessment of Conservation Status of the Mountain PrenjHerpetofauna”.